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Google is really throwing around its weight recently, launching its Google+ social network as well as the new 'WDYL' search portal. Now the company's expansion is continuing on a local level, with Google Engage recently being rolled out in South Africa.

Google Engage is a new partner programme designed to help support South African web professionals who provide services to small and medium business owners (SMBs).

Any kind of web professional can apply to become part of the programme, from advertising agencies to webmasters and search engine marketers. In fact Google is adamant that “anyone else who provides web services to South African small and medium businesses” can apply.

Joining Google Engage carries a number of benefits, not in the least including free access to educational resources and online training material to help keep you on the cutting edge of web advertising. Google will even supply you with special promotional vouchers to help get customers attracted and used to online advertising.

“At Google, we're committed to the success of South Africa’s digital economy and we believe that assisting small businesses in getting online and thriving is fundamental to that success,” says Luke Mckend, country manager of Google South Africa.

“There are many small companies in South Africa that would benefit from greater visibility on the internet, and we recognise that many of them call on freelancers and agencies to create and manage their online presence. Engage is Google's way of reaching out to these agencies locally and providing them with the training and support they need to attract more small business clients and become more valuable to their existing ones.”

Google Engage is officially launching in South African on the 19th of July, with a one-day seminar being held in Johannesburg.

If you're interested in the programme or the potential possibilities it could have for your business, users can join Google Engage at the following link. Also check out the small Engage demo video posted below.


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