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The good news is that the Skyrim patch we recently reported about, has been made available. The PS3 patch, which was released earlier this week, was joined by its Xbox 360 version yesterday.  
The bad news is that apparently the patch causes more problems than it fixes for some players, and some sites are encouraging Skyrim players to refrain from installing the patch altogether.
According to gaming site 1up, one of the most notable new glitches is the phenomenon of dragons flying backward (see the video below). More seriously though, one of the more serious glitches has also persisted, in which PS3 players noted as their save game file increased, it brought with it significant lag.
While the latest patch (1.2) was intended to fix performance and frame rate related issues, apparently these problems have also not been resolved.  
The dragons in Skyrim are fearsome and formidable, unfortunately,
the bugs introduced in the latest patch update may be even worse.
Players have taken to Bethesda’s forums to vent and convey the new problems they are experiencing, of which Lazygamer has compiled an exhaustive list.
1up notes that while gamers who haven’t downloaded the latest patch as yet can still play the game as is, they won’t be able to connect to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live without the latest update while playing the game.
The good news is that apparently Bethesda is aware of the problem and working on a patch to fix the problems caused by its latest patch which was meant to address issues posed by the game that wasn’t yet patched. We have a feeling John Cleese would appreciate the farcical humour in it all.

To watch a dragon fly backwards, hit the video below.



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