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Tennis and motion-based gaming fans can get ready to hit the virtual grass- and clay courts once again, as Sega announced yesterday that it’s ready to serve up Virtua Tennis 4. This latest title in the Virtua Tennis series will be making its way onto the PlayStation 3 (PS3) with PlayStation Move compatibility, Xbox 360 sporting Kinect support, as well as the Nintendo Wii during spring (autumn for us) of this year. 
Gamers will be able to utilise the regular control setup for the PS3 and Xbox 360 or if they crave a more realistic virtual tennis experience, can employ Microsoft’s Kinect controller-less system or the PS3’s motion-based Move controller. Apart from the motion-based system’s support, the new title in the franchise will also feature the most comprehensive line-up of real world tennis stars such as world No.1 Rafael Nadal, 16-time major champion Roger Federer as well as the UK’s No.1 and Wimbledon hopeful Andy Murray.
“Virtua Tennis 4 is going to be a massive push forward for the series,” stated Gary Knight, senior vice president of marketing at Sega of Europe and Sega of America. “New technology has allowed for the development of innovative styles of gameplay, meaning Virtua Tennis can reach a level of realism not seen before in the tennis genre.”
This game will also boast an all-new World Tour career mode that has been developed specifically to encourage replay, so that players don’t just finish a season with the title then gathering dust on the gaming shelves. A new feature, called the Match Momentum gauge, is also present and this indicates your virtual player’s confidence (and thus ability) level during a match.
Here’s the game’s video teaser.


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