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Beats by Dr. Dre’s Wireless headphones offer you the class-leading sound quality that users demand from a premium headsets brand, but also add the convenience of delivering your tunes wirelessly over Bluetooth. 

Music is streamed via Bluetooth with the headset pairing easily enough with both our BlackBerry Torch 9810 (review) and Nokia E7 (review) smartphones. Users simply press the power button on the ear cup to turn the headset on, activate Bluetooth on their smartphone and search for the headphones. Once connected, music can be streamed to the headset over a distance of around 10 m, meaning you can leave your smartphone on charge on the kitchen counter whilst listening to music in the living room.   

However, controlling the playback is where the problem comes in. The buttons for doing this are rather inconveniently located on the ear cup of the headset. You have a back and next button for repeating or skipping tracks, a play/pause button (Beats logo in the centre) and the volume rocker (+ and - buttons). The placement of the buttons really do take some getting used to, unlike a wired set, where the controls are included on the inline cable making it possible to see which button one is pressing.    
The placement of the music playback controls on the earcup take some getting used to. 
Substantial bang for a significant amount of bucks 

The frown over the placement of the playback controls is soon wiped aside courtesy of the impressively crisp, distortion-free sound that the Beats Wireless headphones delivers. This high-quality sound is quite similar to what you get on the Nokia Purity HD stereo headset, which is not surprising since consumer electronics company Monster manufacturers both sets of headphones (at least up until the end of the year).

The difference between the two lies in the bass, which is accentuated a lot more on the Beats. Whilst the boosted bass levels may put a broad smile on the faces of Hip Hop and House fans, sound-purists including Jazz fans and audiophiles looking for a more neutral balanced sound may be turned off by the extra dose of bass. You can of course turn down the bass by adjusting the equaliser settings on your smartphone (or whatever Bluetooth-enabled device the audio is streaming from).  


After sound quality, comfort is the most important factor up for consideration when investing in a new pair of earphones or headphones, and the padded ear cups of the Beats Wireless headphones by Dr. Dre are incredibly comfortable. The headband of the headset is constructed out of high-quality plastic, making it feel really sturdy and it is also fully adjustable.  

During extended periods of usage, we did not notice our neck muscles getting any more toned, despite the initial weighty feel (210 g) of the headset. An added bonus for frequent flyers or those with a long commute to work, is the included Beats branded travel case. There are two hinges on either side placed just above the headphones, enabling you to fold it up easily for handy storage in this soft touch padded material case.
This premium quality headset folds up for convenient storage in the handy travel case.  

To the point

The Beats Wireless headphones by Dr. Dre is a solidly constructed headset that oozes quality from its high-end design through to the premium sound on offer. Users will take some time before they’ll be able to skip tracks and adjust the volume, without having to think about where they have to place their finger on the earcup.

However, the biggest hurdle that will prevent most people from getting a pair is the recommended retail price of R3 500, making it around R1 200 more expensive than the wired Beats Solo option. But then again, when you’re buying Beats, you’re not really that concerned about the price, are you?  

For more info contact Phoenix Distribution on 011-803-5437.


Brilliant sound
Oodles amount of bass
Practical folding design
Handy travel case


Exclusive price tag
Not the best placement of the controls


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