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The Galaxy S6 (review), which Samsung debuted to critical acclaim at Mobile World Congress last year, is a tough smartphone to top. Still, there are some improvements that the South Korean manufacturer can make to our choice as the Top Flagship smartphone of 2015. Here, we detail five things we want from the upcoming Galaxy S7, which will debut at MWC 16 at 20:00 (CAT) this Sunday evening, 21 February.  

1. Less iPhone design influence

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are unmistakable in their look. That said, when they initially debuted, there were some design elements that drew comparisons to Apple's iPhone 6. Specifically the top and bottom portions of their aluminium frames, which looked like they could have been milled in the same factory where Apple does theirs. As such, going for something even more unique would go far in getting less lip from critics.  

2. An aluminium back cover

The introduction of metal and glass was a welcome one when they appeared in Samsung's flagships last year. They did, however, lead to one niggle, with the back cover in particular picking up smudges and fingerprint marks. While this might be splitting hairs for some, the introduction of an aluminium back cover would take care of this small issue fairly easily.  

3. Trim down that camera bulge

If there's one eyesore on the Galaxy S6, it is no doubt the camera bulge on the rear, which quite frankly detracts from the smooth finish of the smartphone's profile. If Samsung can move around some of the internal components to free up space so that the 16 MP camera does not protrude as much, it can go a long way to help Samsung also finish 2016 on top of the roster. 

4. Make the most of 3D Touch display

Prior to this Sunday's press conference, rumours are circulating that Samsung's upcoming flagship will feature a 3D Touch display akin to Apple's iPhone 6s. On the latter it has proved a little underwhelming, purely for the fact that a number of apps don't fully cater to the feature. Hopefully, when Samsung unveils its own version, there will be a range of Android apps already customised to make the most of 3D Touch. 

5. Get price point right

When Samsung debuted the Galaxy S6 locally, it came with a sizeable R12 400 price tag for the 32 GB (LTE) model. While the South Korean manufacturer justified the price point due to the premium materials used to construct the device, it is a big undertaking for consumers. The chances that Samsung could come in under the R11K mark are slim to none, especially with the rand-dollar what it is. That said, if Samsung can get the price right, the Galaxy S7 will undoubtedly prove more popular among Droid fans.  

To find out what the Samsung Galaxy S7 will in fact tout, follow @TechSmartMag, as we'll be live tweeting from Barcelona on 21 February at 20:00 (CAT).


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