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For those tuned into the world of mobile consumer, the launch of Huawei's two new smartphones will be familiar news. With so much to digest during yesterday's A Step Ahead event in Munich, Germany, here's five noteworthy comments from Huawei Mobile CEO Richard Yu that stood out the most. 

1. Machine learning  

One of the more intriguing announcements from yesterday was Huawei's own unique machine learning EMUI algorithm, which the Chinese manufacturer developed in order to make the Mate 9 perform as efficiently as possible. The functionality of the algorithm will allow the Mate 9 run as rapidly and smoothly 18 months down the line as it did when it came fresh out the box.

Whether or not Huawei can truly deliver on its promise remains to be seen, but having an algorithm coupled with the powerful Kirin 960 chip is surely a good thing.

2. Next gen dual camera

It has been just a bit past six months and Huawei's partnership with Leica has yielded a second gen certified dual camera. The previous version touted two 12 MP cameras, one handling RGB and the other monochrome. A similar setup exists this time, but Leica has upped the monochrome sensor to 20 MP, along with improving the quality of zoom and 4K recording.

We were already impressed by the dual camera on the Huawei P9, so this one should prove equally pleasing to use.

3. SuperCharging

With fast charging on the radar given Samsung's recent struggles, one may have thought Huawei would shy away from mentioning it. Instead, the Chinese manufacturer detailed the SuperCharge feature of the Huawei Mate 9 in full. Utilising a USB Type-C port, the SuperCharge can reportedly deliver a full battery from 20 to 30 minutes of charging time. 

4. EMUI 5.0

Another aspect given plenty of stage time by Huawei yesterday, EMUI 5.0 looks like the company's cleanest user interfaces to date. It's built atop Android 7.0, but it remains an out and out Huawei device. EMUI 5.0 may not be as flat as Material Design fans may be use to, but still keep things simple and refined for a clutter free look.


5. More partners

While Huawei reaffirmed its partnership with Leica, it did detail a new one with yet another well respected German brand - Porsche Design. The relationship was apparently three years in the making, according to Richard Yu, and should the Porsche Design Mate 9 prove a success, will be the first of several collaborative devices. It once again shows that Huawei is definitely aiming for the premium part of the market. The only hinderance to said triumph remains the price tag, with the smaller Porsche Design model retailing for nearly double the 5.9" non-branded Mate 9 model. 


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