Warner Bros. cancels Mac and Linux port of Batman: Arkham Knight altogether

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 5 February 2016

Warner Bros. has finally said uncle when it comes to the Mac and Linux ports of Batman: Arkham Knight, cancelling those versions of the game altogether. FULL STORY >


Ster Kinekor not re-releasing Batman: Arkham Knight for PC locally

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 3 November 2015

While Warner Bros. is offering refunds to PC gamers still experiencing problems with Batman: Arkham Knight, local distributor Ster-Kinekor will not be stocking the re-release at all. FULL STORY >


Batman's Dawn of Justice costume and Batmobile coming to Arkham Knight

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 19 October 2015

Joining West, Keaton and Bale, now Ben Affleck's Batman costume and Batmobile are coming to Arkham Knight in November. FULL STORY >


Batgirl story driven add-on for Arkham Knight now available

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 July 2015

By now you've probably made your way through Arkham Knight and need something new to delve into. Thankfully Rocksteady has debuted its story driven Batgirl add-on for gamers. FULL STORY >


New Batman: Arkham Knight trailers arrive, New Game+ explained

By Ryan Noik 3 June 2015

New videos featuring Harley Quinn and Red Hood have emerged, along with some new details on a New Game+ feature in Batman: Arkham Knight. FULL STORY >


Yet more new Batman: Arkham Knight details slip from the shadows

By Ryan Noik 29 May 2015

With Batman: Arkham Knight’s release coming ever so deliciously closer now, yet another video has been released. FULL STORY >


Rocksteady unveils more of dual play feature

By Ryan Noik 18 May 2015

While dual play in the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Knight has been teased before, Rocksteady’s latest Arkham Insider video goes into greater detail. FULL STORY >


More Batman: Arkham Knight DLC and season pass contents detailed

By Ryan Noik 4 May 2015

In the wake of last week’s news about Batman: Arkham Knight’s season pass, Warner Bros has revealed more of what players can expect the pricey season pass to bring. FULL STORY >


Batman: Arkham Knight season pass details unveiled

By Ryan Noik 30 April 2015

Details about Batman: Arkham Knight's season pass details have been revealed, with plenty of content apparently in the pipeline. FULL STORY >


New Batman: Arkham Knight trailer debuts new feature

By Ryan Noik 29 April 2015

A new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer has been released, and shows off a new feature players can look forward to. FULL STORY >


Batman:Arkham Knight special edition console announced

By Ryan Noik 2 April 2015

Sony has announced a Batman: Arkham Knight special edition PS4, and it looks worthy of securing its place in a batcave. FULL STORY >


Batman Knight delay brings new gameplay video to feast on

By Ryan Noik 27 March 2015

Bad news, Bat-fans. Another highly anticipated game has been delayed, and this time, it’s Batman: Arkham Knight which has pushed its release date. FULL STORY >


Batman Arkham Knight collector’s editions coming to South Africa

By Staff Writer 6 March 2015

Good news for Batman fans as an Arkham Knight release date has been confirmed, plus Limited Editions coming to South Africa. FULL STORY >


Rogues Gallery runs riot in new Batman:Arkham Knight trailer

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 27 February 2015

Striking on 2 June this year, a new trailer for the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight has surfaced, with the Rogues Gallery of villains taking centre stage. FULL STORY >


Glorious games await: Top eight games in 2015

By Ryan Noik 18 December 2014

If there is one upside to games that are delayed into the following year, it is that the months ahead becomes jam packed with tantalizing titles. And then of course, there are still the games scheduled for release in that year as well. Either way,... FULL STORY >

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