Review: Hearthstone Open Beta

By Johan Keyter 28 January 2014

Blizzard may be best known for AAA titles like WoW and Diablo, but the company is currently testing out new waters with a game called Hearthstone; their first free-to-play title. We check out the Beta. FULL STORY >


Top games of the first quarter 2014

By Ryan Noik 15 January 2014

If the titles on offer for the start of 2014 are any indication, gamers have another bumper year to look forward to. FULL STORY >



By Ryan Noik 14 January 2014

As one of the new intellectual properties to grace the PS4, Knack is a fun and enjoyable romp that shows plenty of promise. FULL STORY >


The Gaming Crystal Ball - Pippa Tshabalala

By Staff Writer 8 January 2014

2014 is set to become an interesting year for gamers, says Pippa as she stares into her crystal ball. FULL STORY >


Top 5 Games of 2013

By Ryan Noik 10 December 2013

This year has been a terrific one for games, which a number of fantastic titles demanding players’ leisure time. It was a difficult process, but here, at last, our Top 5 for the year. FULL STORY >


Ratchet and Clank: Nexus review

By Ryan Noik 4 December 2013

Ratchet and Clank: Nexus sails onto the PS3 with a great price and more importantly, superb gameplay. FULL STORY >


2013: The Worst of - Pippa Tshabalala

By Staff Writer 3 December 2013

2013 has been one of the biggest years we’ve seen in the gaming industry in a while. But there where a number of stinkers too. Pippa sniffed them out. FULL STORY >


Top 5 graphics processing units

By Hanleigh Daniels 22 November 2013

You do not have to wait for the arrival of next-gen consoles to enjoy blistering frame-rates and eye-candy resolutions, as this can be attained with a gaming PC packing any of our top 5 GPUs. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - The Rumours Run Rampant edition

By Ryan Noik 22 November 2013

In this week’s Gaming News Round-up: More Tomb Raider tempts and teases, a new Game of Thrones game may be in the works, and Nintendo launches free game promotion. FULL STORY >


Batman Arkham Origins

By Hanleigh Daniels 11 November 2013

We don the famous black suit and smash into the latest Arkham title to find out if Origins packs a punch or if it is merely riding the coattails of its predecessors. FULL STORY >


Gaming Blockbusters for November and December

By Ryan Noik 4 November 2013

November and December are jackpot months for gamers, ushering in several super hot blockbuster titles. Here are our picks. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - The Pass on the Right Edition

By Ryan Noik 11 October 2013

In this week’s Gaming News Round-up: Thief sneaks onto centre stage, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag gets a season pass and an old gem makes a comeback. FULL STORY >


For the love of games - Pippa Tshabalala - Oct 2013

By Staff Writer 10 October 2013

Do we look at our most-loved games through rose-tinted glasses? Lover of games, Pippa Tshabalala, believes this might be the case. FULL STORY >


PES 2014

By Hanleigh Daniels 8 October 2013

After coming off second best to FIFA for the last few years, Konami employs a daring current-gen-console-only plan to best EA Sports' effort. FULL STORY >



By Hanleigh Daniels 2 October 2013

FIFA 14 sprints onto the virtual pitch and aims to pull an eShibobo on PES 2014 via under the hood gameplay improvements. FULL STORY >

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