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At the end of last year research data from market research firm Nielsen showed that Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) was still leading the mobile OS charge in the US, as Android ran on 42.8% of smartphones, with Apple’s iOS in second place powering 28.3% of all smartphones (iPhones) in the States.

According to Nielsen’s latest report, the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S, which became available in the States in October, had a huge impact on the proportion of smartphone US owners who opted for an iPhone.

Among recent smartphone buyers, meaning those who bought a new mobile device within the past three months, 44.5% of those surveyed during December stated that they chose an iPhone, compared to just 25.1% in the month of October. Furthermore, 57% of new iPhone owners surveyed last month said they got the latest model (the iPhone 4S).

Android is still on top, with 46.3% of all smartphone owners surveyed in Q4 2011 reporting that they employ an Android-based mobile phone. But as predicted the iPhone is catching up, with the OS market share of recent smartphone buyers (October 2011 - December 2011) noting 46.9% of users opting for an Android-powered handset and 44.5% getting an iPhone.

Smartphone adoption is also on the rise stateside and as of Q4 2011 46% of US mobile consumers had smartphones, whilst 60% of those who said they got a new device within the past three months chose to buy a smartphone over a feature phone.
In related news from the mobile OS sphere, Samsung said that they are not interested in purchasing Research In Motion, whilst Nokia recently revealed that the next forthcoming update to its Symbian-running devices will be in the form of Nokia Belle.


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