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AirLive WIAS-1200G Internet Access Server

By Mike Joubert 29 October 2009


The WIAS1200G Internet Access Server allows proprietors of shops to easily provide hotspot access to their clients. FULL STORY >


Edimax Wireless 3G-6210n Portable Router

By Thomas McKinnon 22 January 2010

Setting up and sharing a 3G based wireless networks is made easy with Edimax's Wireless 3G Portable Router. The device is the perfect option for people who already own a 3G USB modem, as it is far cheaper than all-in-one 3G router modems. FULL STORY >


MiFi 2352

By Thomas McKinnon 27 October 2009

The MiFi 2352 is an ultraportable wireless router with an HSPA modem. It includes features like AGPS and can even be used as a basic NAS device. FULL STORY >


Edimax WP-S1100 Wireless Projector Server

By Mike Joubert 23 October 2009

The Edimax wireless projector server features video compression and an HDMI output. It\'s a great product for large presentation venues. FULL STORY >


Plustek MiniStation MFA500 Email Server

By Mike Joubert 8 October 2009

Plustek\'s email server offers support for POP3, POP3s, IMAP and IMAPs, and also caters for mail downloaded from Outlook, Outlook Express as well as webmail access. FULL STORY >


Edimax 3G Broadband Router and Print Server

By Thomas McKinnon 2 September 2009

The Edimax Broadband Router and Print Server is a multi-function wireless broadband router. When connecting a 3G USB modem card to the device, all network (wired / wireless) users can share that 3G connection. FULL STORY >


Billion BiPAC 2073 N

By Thomas McKinnon 28 August 2009

The Billion Wireless-N HomePlug AV 200 combines a high-speed wireless \'\'N\'\' access point with a Homeplug AV adapter, giving the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use device. FULL STORY >


AirLive AirMax 5 CPE

By Thomas McKinnon 16 July 2009

The AirLive AirMax5 is an all-in-one wireless 5GHz CPE. If you are looking for a cost effectively way to build a wireless outdoor network then the AirMax5 is an ideal solution. It features a weather proof casing, can cover up to 3 km and can be powered via Ethernet. FULL STORY >


Edimax WP-S1000 Projector Server

By Andrew Gould 6 March 2009

Edimax WP-S1000 is a Wireless Projector Server that can connect to any projector via a standard VGA interface. WP-S1000 allows multiple users one-click access wirelessly to a projector for hassle-free, cable-free of presentations. Beside, WP-S1000 provides many... FULL STORY >


Billion BiGuard S20

By Andrew Gould 6 March 2009

When it comes to IT infrastructure, SMBs often lack the budget and resources to implement IT solutions the way large corporations usually do. For SMBs it is even harder to manage remote access and security in a cost-effective way, especially when access to corporate... FULL STORY >


NComputing X550

By Mike Joubert 3 February 2009

The X550 is a new way to expand your existing computer by simply adding a PCI card and connecting NComputing multi-user terminal boxes. Each PCI card has five (5) RJ45 output ports and five (5) terminal boxes so you can easily connect more users via CAT 5e or CAT 6 STP cables. FULL STORY >

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