By Hanleigh Daniels 1 February 2012


Looking for quality sound without the eye-sore of having speakers standing in the corner? Audiomotion’s clever wireless speaker system enables just that. It consists of two five watt long-life LED lightbulbs with built-in speakers, which can be installed into virtually any E27 light socket, as well as an wireless docking station and remote control.

Both screw-in and bayonet sockets are catered for, and once connected you simply plug your iPhone or iPod into the system’s wireless docking transmitter, which transmits the sound to the speakers over a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection (no internet access required). The wireless docking station comes with two speakers in the box and is capable of supporting up to eight light-bulb speakers for a more engrossing sound experience. Each individual lightbulb speaker goes for a somewhat pricey R1400.

Sound quality & power

In terms of performance the sound quality was surprising, with little to no distortion at the highest volumes and a good, but not exceptional level of bass. As the acoustic output of the speakers is 90 dB, these possess enough oomph to blast music throughout almost any sized room.

You can also employ an alternate music source, such as an MP3 player or other phone, via a 3.5 mm auxiliary port and cable which is included in the retail box.

Besides the sound, these two speakers will also provide LED-based lighting that is noticeably brighter than normal incandescent bulbs. You are able to dim the lights via the included remote, which also enables you to control the music playback (skip, play, pause) from the iPod or iPhone and adjust the volume.
Final word

Audiomotion’s wireless lightbulb speakers deliver great sound quality and makes for a discreet sound solution, bringing music and lighting to a living room, art gallery or restaurant without the need to install unsightly speakers.

It retails for R3500 from Tierone Electronics on 012-667-4692.     


Lighting is bright and dimmable; wireless connectivity between speakers and base station; auxiliary port for alternative sound source; plays music clearly, loudly and at a good volume.


Not the cheapest sound solution available.  


Lighting is bright and dimmable wireless connectivity between speakers and base station auxiliary port for alternative sound source plays music clearly, loudly and at a good volume.
Not the cheapest sound solution available.

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