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A smartphone maker on the rise, Xiaomi has impressed us over the past year with its devices. The Xiaomi Mi5 in particular was a standout, especially given its specs to price tag ratio. As such we were quite eager to see this year's flagship at MWC 17, but the Chinese company opted to forego any unveiling. Instead, the Mi6, along with a rumoured Mi6 Plus, are expected to debut next week on 19 April. 

As with the Mi5, the new model appears to be sporting some very enviable specifications. In terms of size, we're hearing 5.1" and 5.7" proportions for the Mi6 and Mi6 Plus respectively, both of which should yield Full HD visuals. 

Also expected are next to no bezels, with the Xiaomi Mi Mix doing so last year. Adding credence to this, is the fact that both LG and Samsung went the longer display/minimal bezel route, so Xiaomi will likely not want to be left behind. There's also talk of a Snapdragon 835 chipset running things too, which would make the Mi 6 one of three phones (Galaxy S8 and Sony XZ Premium) to sport Qualcomm's latest CPU to date. 

Pricing for the Mi 6 is unknown for now, but given Xiaomi's history, it could potentially fall under the R10k barrier. Its 19 April reveal should offer further clarity.


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