Acer releases C250i Portable LED projector

By Press Release 4 September 2019

The Acer C250i is a super lightweight projector that packs a punch when it comes to multi-angle viewing, resolution, battery life, and overall ease of use FULL STORY >


LG PH550 Minibeam Projector

By Mike Joubert 27 October 2017

The LG PH550 Minibeam is a well-rounded solution, pretty much nailing it if you are in the market for a portable projector. FULL STORY >


Epson expands its range of Full HD and 4K 3LCD projectors

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 30 November 2016

All sporting 3LCD technology, Epson has four Full HD and 4K projectors on offer in South Africa. FULL STORY >


AAXA P3X Pico Projector

By Ryan Noik 27 March 2015

There was a time, not too long ago, when projectors were routinely large, loud cumbersome devices. A clear indication of how far tech has come is the P3X Pico Projector, which is the exact opposite. FULL STORY >


Icodis CB-100 projector

By Staff Writer 5 March 2015

If you think that screen projectors have to be big, bulky, or limited to your lounge, you haven’t met the Icodis CB-100. FULL STORY >


Asus S1 Mobile LED Projector

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 7 April 2014

The S1 Mobile projector expertly merges high functionality with versatile portability into one small and beautifully polished package. There is very little in terms of content that this unit cannot handle. FULL STORY >


Sony Conference for Africa 2013 - Five of the best

By Staff Writer 13 May 2013

The Sony Conference for Africa 2013, recently held at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, showcased the best currently on offer from the Japanese consumer electronics giant. We picked five of the best. FULL STORY >


BenQ JoyBee GP2

By Mike Joubert 7 December 2012

BenQ is known for good quality and decently priced projectors, with the portable Joybee GP2 aiming to dent the iPhone entertainment market. FULL STORY >


Acer C20 LED Projector

By Johan Keyter 17 November 2010

The ultra-portable C20 LED Projector from Acer gives new meaning to the term pocket projector. FULL STORY >


Acer K11 LED Projector

By Johan Keyter 28 October 2010

The Acer K11 LED Projector is a useful pico projector with good short distance image quality, perfect for business travelers and private users. FULL STORY >


Pocket Projector 3M MPro 150

By Johan Keyter 27 August 2010

The MPro 150 from 3M puts top notch projecting power in your pocket. FULL STORY >


BenQ MP515 projector

By Mike Joubert 2 March 2010

BenQ's MP515 budget projector is worth looking at since it has both an above average contrast ratio and brightness. FULL STORY >


New Sony projectors

By Thomas McKinnon 5 August 2009

Sony has announced the release of three new data projectors in South Africa. FULL STORY >

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